Prize patrol


Prize Patrol

The Prize Patrol's mission

  • Hunt for unclaimed prizes
  • Report wins to help ninjas find out when
    they've won prizes
  • Approve and decline reports so that valid prize notifications can be sent out

All reports

Inspect the report's evidence by clicking the
'Open link' button
Click 'Approve' if you think the evidence is valid and the ninja in the 'Won by' column is the winner of the prize
If not click 'Decline' but don't forget to leave a comment to let the ninja who submitted it know why!
Feel all warm and fuzzy with the knowledge you've just helped out a fellow ninja

There are no reports waiting for your approval at the moment. Have you spotted any winner announcements on your travels? Why not let the Prize Patrol know?

Approval requirements

  • For a win to be logged it needs 3 ninjas to hit the shiny green approve button
  • OR! 1 admin to hit the shiny green approve button

Be vigilant

  • If you notice anyone using the Prize Patrol for evil deeds (i.e. posting inappropriate links, spamming etc.), contact a member of the twit ninja team